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Growing up, my culture was the 16-bit screen, X-Men the Animated Series, Pizza Rolls, and isolating depression. On this blog and author site, I kidnap all sorts of events from my personal life, and push them through this fluid vacuum of monsters and magic. Monsters are a form of therapy for me. I use the basement metaphor often because that is where my fellow Millennials and I grew-up, in the jeweled shadow of Nintendo and Star Wars. This is our culture, and so much of my identity was forged beneath a window on the edge of the earth peering out into some bushes and streetlights.

I’m the author of the novels Beware the Ills and the Greenland Diaries. I’ve released two short story anthologies Seven Monsters and I Sing Constellations.  I’m also the former editor and founder of Calamities Press. I’m the Writer-in-Residence at the Robbin Gallery. I’m a father of four, and my wife is a photographer. I studied creative writing at three different colleges, been blogging for half-a-decade, and I’ve been both self-published and traditionally published. For more info about my credentials publications you can click on Press & Cred.

My books are mostly dark fantasy and horror, with variations on the apocalypse, epic fantasy, and journals. I like common settings in uncommon styles, with moralistic characters battling against supernatural forces that are the product of their own personalities. To read free excerpts from my books to see it you might enjoy them, please click here.

Thank you for giving my stories a chance, and for supporting me. Please follow me on social media, I love to interact with people who have consumed my stories. If you need to get a hold of me, please email me at basementsaid@gmail.com. I will respond. I have emotions. Thank you for reading my blog and work.

author photo with millie

-Patrick W. Marsh

205 thoughts on “About & Welcome

  1. The way you write is a huge inspiration. I want to become a blogger/writer about the same way you are, but everyone is different. I relate to most of your stories, and I cannot wait to read more.


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